About Us!

We’ve all been there! Grabbing your favorite items on discount or on sale comes with a rush and an unmatched feeling of satisfaction, but we’ve also been on the other end of the stick and have missed out on great deals or only heard of promotions until it’s too late.


But it all ends today!


We’ve decided to save you the time and the trouble. By partnering up with a long list of retailers across the country, you’ll be the first to know about the best deals and promotions happening near you.


Why get bombarded from so-called mega deals that either turn out to be irrelevant or unreachable?


RushForLess is THE APP that filters the most relevant offers according to your interests and cravings, and notifies you when they’re on sale at the closest shops based on the location you set.


Now you can be the first to know and be the first in line at the cashiers with your favorite products in hand and a feeling of pride knowing you got them at a bargain!



Bringing retailers and shoppers together in real time to put the right bargain in front of the right people.


Redefining personalized shopping to promote and support in-store purchasing and increase footfall in a dominantly online-driven sales scheme.